• Gymnasium (former) - Meridian MS
    The two-story red-brick former gymnasium was constructed by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (later the PWA) in 1936-1937. It retains its original massing and pedimented parapet. It was renovated in 1964 to become a first floor library and second floor science laboratories/classroom space.
  • Ross Collins Vocational School - Meridian MS
    The Art Moderne vocational school was constructed as part of the Meridian High School Complex. Construction was completed by the National Youth Administration, and the engineers were Gardner and Howe.
  • School - Rose Hill MS
    The Rose Hill school was project W1230, approved 8/12/1937 for $7,940. The school was completed 4/29/1938 for a total cost of $17,923. The first contract was awarded 11/20/1937 and construction began 12/7/1937. Architects were Krouse & Brasfield and Builder/Contractor was Currie & Corley.
  • South Side School Additions - Meridian MS
    With WPA support, architects Krouse & Bradfield designed additions of classrooms, auditorium, and lunchroom for the 1888 South Side School.