• Allenton Heights - Jackson TN
    This 100-unit public housing complex was constructed for whites during the era of segregation. Allenton Heights was located on larger, landscaped lots on 13 acres with open space.  Units contained a back yard with clotheslines (which are still in use today) and a front yard with grassy lawns and shade trees. After the PWA public housing programs were expanded and the U. S. Housing Authority was created, public housing expanded in Tennessee. Allenton Heights was started in December 1940.  Algernon Blair was construction company, and construction superintendent estimated employment of 150 on both Allenton Heights and Merry Lane Court.  Allenton Heights was projected...
  • Merry Lane Courts - Jackson TN
    The 96-unit public housing was constructed for African-Americans during the Great Depression. It was demolished following damage from a tornado in 2003.