• Civic Center and Armory - Laurel MS
    The Art Deco civic center and armory was Public Works Administration (PWA) project W1206. Designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney, it was approved 10/24/1036 and completed 11/10/1937. The PWA allotted a grant of $51,226 toward the completion cost of $110,575. A bond sale was held to raise funds for the city's share of the project. The building was demolished in 1975.
  • Consolidated School - Holly Bluff MS
    Architect Edgar Lucian Malvaney designed the Holly Bluff school building, constructed in 1939 as PWA project 1271. It was approved 7/27/1938 and construction began 10/17/1938. It was completed10/12/1939 for a total cost of $57,305 with PWA funding a grant of $25,515. Bonds were issued in the amount of $25,000 for the remainder. Perry Construction Company built the new school, Paine Heating and Tile Company provided heating and plumbing, and Fatheree Electric Company completed the wiring. The building was dedicated and opened to the public October 7, 1939 and final inspection was made later that month by the architect, school supervisors,...
  • Elementary School - Port Gibson MS
    The one-story Colonial Revival brick building was constructed by a $14,318 grant from Public Works Administration approved 9/26/1938. Construction began 12/19/1938 and was completed 7/29/1939 for a total cost of $31,585. Edgar Lucian Malvaney designed the building and it was constructed by Flint-Jordan Construction Company. It remains in use as a school. Replacement doors and windows have been installed, but the interior retains its floor plan.
  • Elementary School (former) - Monticello MS
    Public Works Administration project 4726 for an elementary school building was approved 3/21/1934 for a $20,000 loan and $8,232 grant. Construction began 6/18/1934 and was completed 5/29/1935. The Colonial Revival style building was designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney and constructed by Currie and Corley. The former school was listed as a Mississippi Landmark and the Lawrence County Historical Society began work toward restoration and renewed use of the building.
  • High School - Bruce MS
    Work Projects Administration approved funding for construction of a new school building in Bruce. The poured-in-place concrete building was designed by E. L. Malvaney in his monolithic concrete trademark, International design, and two stories. The school district pledged $22,072 toward the project that employed approximately 75 men for almost a year. The combined gymnasium and auditorium and classrooms for the Bruce High School cost $60,518 with work scheduled for November 2 construction. A destroyed the front entrance and a portion of the auditorium in the 1970s and that section of the building was rebuilt with brick, in contrast to the...
  • Leake County Courthouse - Carthage MS
    The three-story, brick and cast stone Art Deco courthouse was constructed 1935-36 as Public Works Administration (PWA) Project Miss. 1042. It was remodeled in 1976.
  • Lower Elementary School - Magee MS
    The Magee grammar school was completed as PWA project W1215. The project was approved 8/19/1937 and a $10,627 grant awarded toward a total cost of $23,615. Construction began 12/4/1937 and completed 3/18/1938. The architect was Edgar Lucian Malvaney.
  • Merigold Gymnasium and School Additions - Merigold MS
    In 1938, the Public Works Administration (PWA) completed additions to the existing 1920 school and constructed a new gymnasium for the Merigold Public Schools.  Both buildings have been demolished.
  • School - Houlka MS
    Pubic Works Administration project 2530 was approved 1/9/1934 for construction of a school in Houlka. The loan was $24,300 and grant $9306 for a total of $33,606. Construction began 6/16/1934 and was completed 1/191935 for a final total of $36,611. Edgar Lucian Malvaney was architect and the M. T. Reed Construction Company of Belzoni was the contractor. The one-story red brick Colonial Revival style building was undergoing renovation in July 2014 when it caught fire from a contractor’s spark and was destroyed.
  • School - Mossville MS
    Mossville classroom building was constructed 1937 with Public Works Administration (PWA) funds as project W1072. A loan for $14,000 was combined with a grant for $11,454, approved 11/14/1935. The contract was awarded 2/10/1936, constructed begun May 7, and completed January 29, 1937. Architect was Edgar Lucian Malvaney. The building was destroyed 1943.
  • School - Utica MS
    Utica High School was completed 1939 as part of Public Works Administration (PWA) project W1183 to construct new buildings and improvements for five Hinds County schools. A bond election for Utica was held October 29 and $27,000 were approved for issue to supplement the PWA funding to construct a new building and complete alterations on the old school. The total for all five projects was $337,746 with PWA contributing a loan of $151,986. The project was approved 6/22/1938, bids advertised in October, and the project completed 12/4/1939. The building was opened for dedication November 16, 1939. The Clarion-Ledger reported a...
  • School Complex - Terry MS
    Terry planned a bond issue vote in the amount of $25,000 to supplement a $40,000 allotment from the Works Progress Administration to construct new school buildings. The new buildings were needed as a result of the Rural Settlement Administration project established at Terry, which increased the number of students for the school. Citizens voted 167 to 0 to issue $25,000 to match a federal grant to erect a new school building. The buildings included auditorium, gymnasium, elementary, and high school. The gymnasium was opened January 4, 1940 and the new buildings were dedicated in September 1940. The buildings were destroyed...
  • School Gymnasium (demolished) - Batesville MS
    This Batesville elementary school gymnasium was PWA Project # 1371. It is no longer extant.