• Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum - Heber City UT
    The former Heber City library was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project during the latter years of the Great Depression. Construction occurred between August 1938 and May 1939. The PWA supplied a grant of $13,275 toward the project, whose total cost was $27,529.  It was PWA Project No. UT W1142. The building served as the community's library until construction of the new Wasatch County Library during the 2000s. The New Deal facility now houses the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum. National Register of Historic Places nomination for for Midvale Library notes that the architects Ashton & Evans designed Heber...
  • Dog Pound (demolished) - Salt Lake City UT
    This fireproof structure replaced makeshift quarters previously occupied and that had been subjected to much criticism. Here the impounded animals could be kept in comfort until humanly destroyed or claimed (from Jessen). The local Civil Works Administration contributed $2206.10 against a total project estimate of $4627.30. The building has since been demolished.
  • Juab High School Gymnasium and Mechanical Arts Building (former) - Nephi UT
    The newspapers of small, rural communities take us through the local debate behind New Deal projects. The Juab High gym and mechanical arts building was approved by the school board in Oct 1936 with three goals: 1) the old gym was "entirely inadequate" and would be turned over as a "ladies gym." The new one would be reserved for the men; 2) rural youth were graduating high school without skills for gainful employment, thus the mechanical arts classrooms; 3) it may be the "last opportunity to get P.W.A. funding." A series of "mass meetings" were held across the county in July...
  • Kamas Grade School Improvements - Kamas UT
    The Public Works Administration funded repair work for the 1904 Kamas Grade School in Kamas, Smith Summit School District; Docket # 1023-R (Utah). The architect of record was Ashton and Evans, and the contractor was Berntson and Kuhre.  
  • Kamas High School (demolished) - Kamas UT
    The Public Works Administration funded an expansion of the Kamas High School in Kamas, Smith Summit School District. Docket # 1023-R (Utah). The architect of record was Ashton and Evans, and the contractor was Berntson and Kuhre. "The Gym & Mech Arts building cost $104,000 and was done in conjunction with the Woodland El and Kamas El school alterations and repair for a total cost of $120,000."
  • Kaysville City Hall/Davis County Health Department (Former) - Kaysville UT
    The Kaysville City Hall was one of 226 New Deal buildings constructed in Utah. Of the 226, a total of five buildings were constructed in Davis County. The Kaysville City Hall is the only one of the five that is extant. In November of 1940, Kaysville Mayor Thornley K. Swan announced construction of a $55,000 city hall building. In 1941, a bond election was held. Part of the project ($20,000) was paid for by WPA funds. After the United States entered World War II, PWA labor was reassigned to the Hill Field project and WPA funds were eliminated. Construction was recommenced...
  • Rich County Courthouse - Randolph UT
    The Rich County courthouse replaced a 1888 courthouse that had been built for $2,479. Discussion began in May, 1940 when Raymond Ashton - at the county commisioners' request - presented a drawing for a new Rich County courthouse. He proposed a one story concrete building built with "W.P.A. labor, salvage material in the present building and by securing local timber" (Minutes, May 1940). Given the coming of winter and the unemployment situation, there was no disucussion and a unanimous vote. The county portion was estimated at $20,000 with the W.P.A. to pay all labor and $2550 towards materials for a...
  • Salt Lake County Branch Library (demolished) - Midvale UT
    The Midvale Branch of the Salt Lake County library was constructed in 1940-41 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  The building housed a library in front and the County Library headquarters and book processing department in the back. An auditorium and stack addition was added in 1951. The cost was approximately $70,000, $45,000 of which was from the library budget and the remainder from the WPA.  The building design was single-story Streamline Moderne with a projecting central portion and a curved entrance.  The architects were Ashton and Evans of Salt Lake City, who were employed on several other New Deal projects in the...
  • Summit County Public Health Department (former Summit County Hospital) - Coalville UT
    Prior to the building of the Summit County Hospital, operations were done on kitchen tables, in a room over the mercantile, or on a portable operating table. Thus, the county’s doctors were motivated to work with the Summit County Commissioners to build a hospital in Summit County using PWA funds ($51,830, PWA Utah 1216-F). The building was started in December 1938 and completed one year later. It was a brick structure, 124 feet by 42 feet, containing 14 beds, surgery, delivery room, x-ray department, nursery, kitchen, etc., and had modern equipment throughout. An Open House was held January 7, 1940, for...
  • University of Utah: Carlson Hall (demolished) - Salt Lake City UT
    Carlson Hall, formerly located at the southwest corner of the University of Utah campus, served multiple roles over the years. Originally constructed as a women’s dorm, the building later housed a dining room, classrooms, and offices. The building was funded by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works (see photo on plaque). It was demolished ca. 2013. The Quinney School of Law is located here now. The have a wonderful tribute to Carlson Hall inside the first floor front door (in a nook accross from the First Floor information desk). This includes the New Deal funding information, an original brick, a...
  • University of Utah: Einar Nielsen Fieldhouse - Salt Lake City UT
    The old fieldhouse, built in 1939, was home to the University of Utah basketball team for thirty years. It was built with a combination of bonded debt by the university and Public Works Administration (PWA) funds.   It appears to be used for intermural athletics today.  
  • War Veteran's Memorial Building - Park City UT
    Park City's War Veterans Memorial Building (and Public Auditorium) was a federal New Deal project funded by the Public Works Administration (PWA). The PWA supplied a $57,225 grant toward the project, which was matched by local funds.  There is conflicting information in PWA records and on the plaques on the building whether it was built in 1938-39 or 1939-40; the former seems more likely, but, in any case, it opened in 1940. The War Memorial Building originally contained an auditorium, bowling alley, game rooms, meeting rooms and kitchen and dining room.  It is a handsome example of "Pueblo Revival" popular in the 1920s and 30s...
  • Wasatch Elementary (demolished) - Clearfield UT
    Clearfield hosted the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot during WWII. Thus, their schools were full to bursting, and not only was Wasatch Elementary built for the Davis County School District, but several other "Emergency Schools" were built in local war housing projects. Wasatch Elementary cost about $120,000 (FWA Project Utah 42-189N). Only 10 years later - as the result of the Hill Air Force Base constuction - Wasatch was again over capacity (500 students in a building built for 300). Additions were needed, and finally in 2012, the building was demolished and replaced with a new Wasatch Elementary at the same location.
  • Woodland Grade School (demolished) Improvements - Woodland UT
    Originally built in 1913, the former Woodland Grade School in Woodland, Utah underwent alterations and improvement work as part of a Public Works Administration (PWA) project, Docket # 1023-R (Utah). The architect of record was Ashton and Evans. The facility is no longer extant.