(4:19) b/w, silent
Presents a series of hands engaged in activities that range from resting to important daily tasks, to dramatize the greater economic value of hands put to work by the Works Progress Administration.

A Better New York State

(12:59) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in New York. Shows a reservoir at Albany under construction. Garments for relief families are made in WPA sewing rooms. A marionette show is presented at a Buffalo school. Shows scenes at the West Point Military Academy and the Palisades Interstate Park. Dramatizes the part played by WPA crime laboratory technicians in capturing a safecracker. Shows views of restored Fort Niagara. County roads...

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A Better Massachusetts

(11:09)  b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Massachusetts. Streets in Springfield are paved and sewer pipe installed. WPA artists paint shore scenes. Shows playground activity. Ship models are built at Marblehead. Methods of preventing silicosis among granite workers are tested at Quincy. Breeches buoy rescue practice is conducted by the Coast Guard on Cape Cod. Nurses instruct mothers in the care of babies. Shows a hatchery at ...

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A Better Chicago

(9:03) b/w, sound
On WPA projects in Chicago. Sewer pipe is laid. Debris is cleared from the lake front. Animal skeletons are reconstructed in the Field Museum. Airport runways are lengthened and drainage ditches dug. Slum buildings are razed for a housing project. Shows scenes in parks and a zoo, auto accident scenes, cars being checked for defects, razing of unsafe grain elevators, playgrounds, and nursery school activities.

Recovery in New Jersey

(19:23) b/w silent
On WPA projects in New Jersey. Reel 1, the Dana mansion in the Palisades Interstate Park is dismantled. In Roosevelt Park, ditches are dug and pipe laid for a water system and a hospital is under construction. Reel 2, women stitch garments at a sewing center. A road is dynamited and rock removed in the Palisades Park. The Ringling mansion is dismantled. Water pipe is laid in Greenbrook Park. A concrete culvert is erected at Englewood.

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