Molecular Theory of Matter

(10:33) b/w, sound
Diagrams and explains by laboratory experiments the action of molecules in gases, liquids, and solids. Shows molecular action as a bulb of bromine is broken within a partial vacuum. Diagrams the force of gas molecules on the walls of a chamber. Describes the evaporation of water and explains why liquids assume the shape of their receptacles. Microscopic studies show molecular movement in solids.

Nursery School

(6:35) b/w, silent
Children drink orange juice at the Lincoln Nursery School in Chicago, Illinois. Nurses examine their teeth and tonsils. The children eat, take naps, and leave a building.


(3:59) b/w, silent
Shows scenes in Alaska: views of the coast on the Gulf of Alaska; panoramic shots of a small port; the train station and street scenes in Seward; scenic views along a railroad right-of-way (railroad bridge, tunnels, mountains, etc.); and timber tracts.

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