Health For Youth

(10:11) color, sound
On cooperation among the NYA, the Public Health Service, clinics, and private physicians and dentists to improve the health of U.S. youth. Boys and girls receive physical examinations at a free clinic. Children play and exercise in an orthopedic clinic. Includes shots of a Public Health Service dietary kitchen and of youngsters swimming, boxing, doing calisthenics, and practicing archery.

NYA In The Land of Coronado

(9:19)  color, silent
On activities of youth. in the out-of-school program of the NYA in New Mexico. Spanish crafts are practiced at Albuquerque (Mountain Park Recreation center), Cienega, Las Vegas, and Jemez Springs. Boys work with wood and tin and girls weave and embroider. Other activities include tennis court construction, restoration of kivas, school construction, and furniture making. Shows recreational activities at the camps.

NYA On The Farm

(8:29) color, silent
On the operation of a NYA farm at Weiser, Idaho. Boys finish construction of a dormitory, dig a ditch for a septic tank, grade a road, bale hay, plow, feed chickens and pigs, weld steel ladders, and erect a fire escape. Girls wash clothes, take dictation, sew clothes, attend a dressmaking class, and serve meals.


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Youth Also Serves

(24:27) color, silent
On the work of boys and girls in NYA centers in Rhode Island and Connecticut after the hurricane of September 1938. Reel 1, youths perform their normal work at the Kingston and Providence (R.I.) Centers and at the New Haven (Conn.) Center. Shows hurricane damage at New London and Norwich (Conn.) and at Providence. Personages: A. W. Williams, Gov. R. E. Quinn. Reel 2 shows damage at Norwich, Hartford, and New London, Conn, and at West Warwick, ...

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President Roosevelt at Hyde Park

(7:27)  color, silent
President Roosevelt converses with bystanders while seated in an auto. Eleanor Roosevelt escorts a group of people over the grounds of the estate. Men on a small sailing boat display a catch of fish. Includes shots of roadside scenery taken from a moving vehicle.

Spirit of Youth

(13:23)  color, silent
Boys build and fly gliders at an NYA center at Lake Cassidy, Mich. The boys work with model planes and drawings to learn fundamentals. Class study and shop work are also shown. Glider parts are made and assembled. Gliders are towed by automobiles and are flown and landed.

Tropico NYA Aids Defense

(31:15)  b/w silent
On NYA activities in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Reel 1, Puerto Rican children and young men idle on street corners and in saloons. NYA youths hoe corn, gather tomatoes, transplant seedlings, and drain mosquito-infested ditches. Girls assist nurses. Reel 2, Puerto Rican girls donate blood and work in a selective service office. Boys do woodwork, grade a road, and level an airstrip at Losey Field, P.R. Reel 3 (color) shows aer...

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They Also Build

(20:45) color, sound
On a typical day at an NYA girls center at Cherrydale Kansas. Girls arise; do calisthenics; breakfast; clean their rooms; cut patterns, design dresses, and use sewing machines; wash clothes; type; do quilting; participate in volleyball, baseball, and tennis games; cook supper; dance with each other; and go to bed. Includes a style show in which girls model clothes they have made.