(4:19) b/w, silent
Presents a series of hands engaged in activities that range from resting to important daily tasks, to dramatize the greater economic value of hands put to work by the Works Progress Administration.

Work Pays America

(35:29) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) public works. Reel 1, highways and streets are graded and paved. A concrete bed is laid for an Atlantic City reservoir. Shows airports at Newark, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia under construction. Buildings are razed in slum clearance projects. A sewerage project is completed. Reel 2, traffic control studies are made. Auto drivers are given fitness tests. Trachoma patients in rural areas are e...

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A Better West Virginia

(8:50) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in West Virginia. The Tri-County Airport at Clarksburg is graded. Streets in Morgantown are repaired. Shows remodeled buildings at Marshall College in Huntington, WPA sewing room activities, and nursery school scenes. County roads are graded and resurfaced near Helvetia. Shows mountain scenes, a fish hatchery at Ridge, and a new bridge at Charleston. Flood waters rage in 1936. Shows a new bridge...

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We Work Again

(15:52) b/w, sound
Documentary: On the employment of Negroes in Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects. Reel 1: Contrasts scenes of Negroes waiting in breadlines with those employed in Federal work programs such as public building construction, nursery schools and land record indexing. Shows household and health care training programs and general adult education classes. Reel 2: Shows programs available for Negro artists, musicians, writers and actors. William La...

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Uncle Sam the Greatest Builder

(9:45)  b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) dam construction. Rock and sand is removed from the site of the Grand Coulee Dam. Steel reinforcement is erected for an earth dam at Fort Peck, Montana. Shows general construction scenes at Boulder Dam, and the packet boat Mark Twain on the Mississippi. Steel reinforcements for the Bonneville Dam are set in place. Concrete is poured and spread. Obstructions are removed with dynamite.

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