Erosion Control

(11:06) b/w sound
Shows many examples of erosion, its causes, effects, and corrections by the CCC. Shows the construction of rock, wooden, and brush-enforced check dams that control land drainage. Contrasts drainage of lands with and without check dams. Shows activities in the reclamation of large, deep gullies caused by erosion; dams are built, locust seedlings and honeysuckle bushes are planted, and, in extreme cases, sides of the gullies are blasted and tapered pr...

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A Day in Virginia Camps

(8:40) b/w silent but with white noise distortion
Shows, without subtitles, various activities of CCC boys at a camp. The men leave the camp and then clear brush, fell trees, build roads, and plant trees. The men eat in the field and run a fire drill. Shows recreation activities at the camp (baseball, boxing, fishing, and swimming). Shows retreat ceremonies as the flag is lowered.