Sequoia National Park

(10:17) b/w silent
Tourists arrive at Sequoia National Park by car and motorcycle. Shows closeups of a waterfall, an overhanging rock, and a bear. Tourists examine a huge Sequoia tree. Civilian Conservation Corps men work on the roads and eat at an outdoor field kitchen.

Hall of Giants

(7:24) b/w silent
Shows views of Yosemite National Park including “Big Tree Lodge,” “Wawona Tunnel Trees,” rock formations, and streams. Tourists fish in a stream, stroll along a forest path, and ride horses and bicycles in the park. CCC men work in the park.

A Nationwide System of Parks

(16:02) b/w sound
Reel 1, unemployed workers stand in line at the gates of closed factories. Shows views of South Carolina’s Edista State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park, and Georgia’s Santo Domingo State Park. CCC men work in the park, destroy caterpillars and other pests, transplant trees, attend classes, and feed animals. Shows the home of Alexander Stevens, vice president of the Confederacy, being renovated. Reel 2 shows various views of...

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Glimpses of Texas Circa 1936

(10:10) b/w, silent
Shows the natural resources and beauty of Texas. Shows oil fields, the U.S. helium plant (Bureau of Mines) at Amarillo, sulphur mining on the Gulf coast, and extensive views of the Big Bend State Park, including activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

A Forest Playground

(14:47, 14:43) b/w, silent
This film is on Maryland’s Patapsco Forest State Park. The footage shows the park’s forests and streams and a close-up of Avalon Dam on the Patapsco River. Scenes show Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) men as they worked on the park’s roads with picks and shovels, cleared the banks and drained swampy areas, laid out trails, drilled and broke rock, and slept in outdoor quarters. The footage includes a panoramic view of ...

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Fort Frederick, Maryland

(9:34) b/w silent
Documentary: On the Civilian Conservation Corps’ restoration of Fort Frederick as a Maryland State Park. Locates Fort Frederick on the strip of Maryland between Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 15 miles from Hagerstown. Explains that during the Civil War, Indian War, and the Revolutionary War it was used to protect the railroads, canal and a road on the Virginia side of the Potomac. Men clear land and collect relics from the soil.


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Where the Trade Wind Blows

(8:22) b/w, sound
Documentary: Shows the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John and their beaches and palm trees. Locates Christiansted and Frediksted, the two largest cities on St. Croix. National Park Service sets up a CCC camp on the islands and employs natives for work projects; land irrigation, playground construction, tree planting. Show’s tree nurseries at St. Croix’s ECW Camp V-2.


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Emergency Conservation Work At Mesa Verde

(6:35) b/w silent
CCC men work on roads and trails, quarry building stone with a pneumatic drill, transplant trees, copy pottery, repair ruins at Far View House, and inspect ancient relics. Includes views of the cliff dwellings.

Mt. Rainier

(6:52)  b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps workers transplant trees, break rocks, lay a cobblestone path, dig drainage ditches, and feed squirrels and a woodpecker in the park. Shows the snowcapped mountains and a close-up of “Pigeon Spring.”

Big Sur California

(10:29) b/w, silent
Shows CCC men at work in the State Park at Big Sur, California. CCC men cook on an outdoor grill, dig drainage ditches, split logs, crack rocks, unload supplies at camp, cut trails through the forest, operate power shovels, rollers and tractors, and ride to and from work in trucks. Tourists visit the park. Includes views of mountains, forests, a suspension bridge across a river, and Big Sur River.