The Columbia River

(21:11) b/w, sound
Congress had passed the Bonneville Project Act in 1937 to distribute the electricity generated at Bonneville and Grand Coulee dams on the Columbia River.  The law said publicly-created utilities had preference, or first choice, on that power; investor-owned utilities could buy any surplus. The law also provided a block of power to new heavy industries that bolstered the region’s contributions during World War II.  A new power agency, t...

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New York, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Chickamauga And Moundsville, Alabama State Parks

(10:53) b/w silent
Shows Chickamauga State Park in Georgia and Gettysburg State Park in Pennsylvania. Guides show tourists over the Civil War battlefields. Archeologists dig up Indian relics and skeletons at an ancient Indian village and burial ground at Moundsville, Ala., measure an exhumed skull with calipers, and study unearthed Indian pottery and basketwork. Shows Indian relics in a museum. CCC yout...

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Pilgrim Forests

(19:55) b/w silent
On State parks in New England. Reel 1 shows the Maine coast, Bar Harbor, and Baxter and Moose Brook State Parks; picnickers cook on a grill; CCC men work in the forests. (Weird boxing match at minute 7, seems one of them is wearing an Arabic head gear) Shows Connecticut’s Acculney State Park. Oxen pull up stumps of trees. Horses pull cart loads of lumber. Reel 2 shows Connecticut’s Proctor and Elmore State Parks, Virginia’s Dorlim...

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The TVA at Work

(13:28) b/w sound
Reel 1 shows rain storms and flooded streams, the flooded Tennessee River valley, Norris Dam and Wilson Dam, and a panorama of eroded land. Phosphate fertilizer is made in an electric furnace at Muscle Shoals, is bagged, and is shipped to the farmer. Contrasts productivity of fertilized and non-fertilized land. Reel 2 shows crops and cattle on a farm, a delegation of farmers conferring with a county agent, the power house at Wilson Dam, electric pow...

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Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

(7:39) b/w sound
Shows the lakes and forests of Minnesota. Tourists sail boats on a lake, cook on an outdoor grill, picnic at outdoor tables, and swim and fish in lakes.

Cradle of the Father of Waters

(10:11) b/w sound
Shows Minnesota lakes at the head waters of the Mississippi River. CCC men work in Itasca Lake State Park and in Scenic State Park. Pageants re-create the days of the Indians and backwoodsmen with log cabins, covered wagons, stockades, and Indian wigwams. Includes views of Indians on a reservation, picnickers in a park, and a CCC camp.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

(10:24) b/w sound
CCC men ride in trucks, work with pick and shovel, operate bulldozers, graders and pneumatic drills, construct parapets and guard rails, and march with pick and shovel in the park. Includes views of forests, flowers, and underbrush. Rangers in towers watch for forest fires.

Rebuilding Indian Country

(35:26) b/w sound
Reel 1, maps show the origin and history of the American Indian. Modern Indians work in Wisconsin’s lumber industry, keep watch for forest fires, and clear bushes in the forest. Includes a close-up of a Delaware Indian treaty. Reel 2, Chippewa Indians make fishnets. Indians work on roads with tractors, picks, and shovels, stand in line at a field kitchen, engage in native handicrafts, and spear salmon on the Columbia River. Pima Indi...

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Temples and Peace

(18:27) b/w sound
Reel 1 is missing. Reel 2, artifacts of mound building Indians are displayed in the Alabama Museum of Natural History at Tuscaloosa: pottery, stone and shell ornaments, arrow heads, flints, and bone awls, needles, and fish hooks. Human and animal skeletons are reconstructed. Broken pottery is pieced together. CCC units excavate and reconstruct mounds in the Mounds State Park.

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