The Civilian Conservation Corps At Work Utah And Southern Idaho

(10:12) b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps members thin and clear wooded areas and construct forest ranger cabins in the Wasatch National forest of Utah and in timber areas of Idaho. Includes shots of picnicking and hiking scenes, a swimming meet at McCall, Idaho, and CCC units installing a water supply at Pocatello, Idaho.

The Civilian Conservation Corps At Work Arizona

(10:12) b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps members clear slash from the sides of forest roads, thin trees, construct truck trails, destroy porcupine with traps and poisoned salt, seed and weed range land, spread poison for prairie dogs, and build check dams in streams.

The Civilian Conservation Corps At Work Colorado Wyoming S Dakota

(10:28) b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps members set up camp areas, thin and clear forests, clear and mark bridle trails, build fences around pasture lands, clean out prairie dog holes, and construct roads in the national forests of Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Includes shots of recreational facilities available to CCC members.

The Plow That Broke the Plains

(28:48) b/w, sound
The film presents the social and economic history of the Great Plains — from the time of the settlement of the prairies, through the World War I boom, to the years of depression and drought. The first part of the film shows cattle as they grazed on grasslands, and homesteaders who hurried onto the plains and grew large wheat crops. The second part depicts the postwar decline of the wheat market, which resulted in overproduction...

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The River

(31:49) b/w, sound
On the cause and effects of floods and waste lands drained by the Mississippi River. Reel 1 traces the growing of the river from its sources to the Gulf of Mexico. Shows construction of levees, cotton picking, river shipping, and lumbering activities. Reel 2 consists mostly of various scenes of the river during the 1937 flood. Includes shots of cotton being loaded on ships. Reel 3 shows flood damage and activities in a Southern home which reflect poverty...

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Bridge Building with the CCC

(17:06) b/w, sound
CCC units construct a reinforced concrete bridge and a cable suspension bridge across an unidentified river. Shows details in the construction and emphasizes that the CCC members are learning many useful trades (concrete, construction work, heavy equipment operation, riveting, welding, etc.) as well as constructing useful bridges.

Peavie Days

(1:02:47) color, sound
This film documents Civilian Conservation Corps activities as the Berryman camp in Missouri. It shows camp personnel; the arrival of new enrollees; building the camp, fire towers and roads; walnut planting; and recreation activities.