• Downtown Station Post Office - San Diego CA
    The old Main Post Office for San Diego, now the Downtown Station post office, was constructed with Treasury Department funds and houses Archibald Garner's 1937 sculpture, "Transportation of the Mail," produced under the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Hollywood Post Office - Los Angeles CA
    The historic and grand Hollywood post office was constructed as a New Deal project. The building houses an example of New Deal artwork and is sometimes mis-attributed to the Works Progress Administration (WPA). "In 1937, renowned art deco architect Claud Beelman, then partner at Curlett + Beelman, could not have had any inkling that his WPA commissioned Hollywood Post Office Building, (located at 1615 Wilcox) would end up being a dead letter repository for love letters to such Hollywood luminaries as Clark Gable, Judy Garland, et al."
  • Main Post Office - Santa Barbara CA
    The main post office in Santa Barbara was constructed by the Treasury Department in 1936. The lobby contains a set of bas-relief murals and remains in its original condition.  
  • Post Office - Huntington Park CA
    This 1935 New Deal post office still boasts the official Henry Morgenthau Jr. cornerstone.
  • Post Office - Ontario CA
    The cornerstone of this 1940 New Deal post office lists John M. Carmody as the Federal Works Administrator and W. Engelbert Reynolds as the Commisioner of Public Buildings.
  • Post Office - Redwood City CA
    The historic post office building in Redwood City was constructed in 1934 with federal Treasury Department funds. It is home to José Moya del Pino's 1937 mural, "Flower Farming and Vegetable Raising," funded by the Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts. The building is still in use today.
  • Post Office - South Pasadena CA
    This New Deal post office was built by the Treasury in 1935.
  • Post Office - Ventura CA
    This 1936 post office boasts the traditional New Deal cornerstone.
  • Post Office (demolished) - Burlingame CA
    The historic post office building in Burlingame, California was constructed during the early 1940s with federal funds. The building was sold to private interests in September 2014 and ceased its postal operations in January 2015. The building has since been demolished.
  • Post Office (former) - Venice CA
    The historic post office building in Venice, California was constructed in 1939 with Treasury Department funds. The building is now privately owned.
  • San Gabriel Post Office - San Gabriel CA
    The San Gabriel post office boasts a nice New Deal cornerstone.