• County Jail - Yazoo City MS
    The Yazoo County Jail was constructed as PWA Mississippi project 1087 with funding of $20,450 toward the $35,000 cost. J. R. Flint Construction Company built the new jail south of the City Hall on South Washington Street. R. W. Naef was architect. Decatur Iron & Steel Company of Alabama were recommended to provide the ironwork for cell construction. The new brick building was described as "modern", escape proof and fire-proof, and had individual cells with lavatory, toilet, shower bath, "and a good bed" (Yazool jail is now occupied, 1937, p. 1). The jail was demolished in 1998.
  • Greenwood High School - Greenwood MS
    The Greenwood high school for African American students was located in what was known as the Stone Street School complex. The building finishes included both marblework and mosaic (MDAH). The architect of record was Robert James Moor. Moor received the Public Works Administration (PWA) work order on February 1, 1936 and work began on February 10th. Construction was executed by J. R. Flint Construction and J. D. Lanham received the contract for plumbing, heating, and wiring. The project was funded by a PWA grant following fire damage to the former high school building, which burned in 1934. The project included an auditorium and...
  • High School (former) Additions - Canton MS
    Public Works Project Mississippi 110 enlarged the Canton High School. The addition added a gymnasium with stadium seating, 11 classrooms, library, study hall, dark room, music room and recital hall, club room, clinic, principal's office, restrooms, athletic director's office, janitorial and storage rooms (Mansell, 1998). The building has not been used for education purposes since 1969.
  • Leake County Courthouse - Carthage MS
    The three-story, brick and cast stone Art Deco courthouse was constructed 1935-36 as Public Works Administration (PWA) Project Miss. 1042. It was remodeled in 1976.
  • Mississippi State University: Veterinary Science Building - Starkville MS
    The Art Moderne Veterinary Science building was one of the buildings constructed 1937 as part of the 5-year building program for Mississippi State College, 1934-1939. Projects w1209, w1226-1 and w1226-2 constructed buildings on the campus of then Mississippi State College (now Mississippi State University). The projects were part of a 5-year building program totaling $1,424,478. The architect was Stevens & Johnston and contractor was J. R. Flint Construction Company.