• Delta State University: Roberts Memorial Library - Cleveland MS
    The 1939 PWA library constructed at Delta State Teachers College (now Delta State University) was designed in an Italian Renaissance/Mediterranean style. It was used as the library until 1968, and has been used as the Fielding Wright Art Center since then. A rear addition was added in 1954, another addition in 1970, and the building was renovated in 1978.
  • Mississippi State University: Carpenter Engineering Building Repairs - Starkville MS
    Projects w1209, w1226-1 and w1226-2 constructed buildings on the campus of then Mississippi State College (now Mississippi State University). The projects were part of a 5-year building program from 1934-1939 totaling $1,424,478. Reworking of the then Chemistry Building with alterations and repairs was one part of the multi-project program. Construction and repair was done by I. C. Garber & Son, plumbing and heating by Arthur Horne, and electric wiring by Edgar Walker.