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  • Beauvoir Renovations and Repair - Biloxi MS
    Beauvoir, the retirement home of Jefferson Davis, was in use as the Old Soldiers Home in 1934-1945 when Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and the Mississippi legislature funded repairs and renovations to 20 state institutions. Davis' Greek Revival home constructed c. 1850 was home to indigent or impoverished Confederate Veterans. Through combined state legislative funds and the ERA labor and funds, Beauvoir was "renovated and brought up to a reasonable state of repair" (Clarion-Ledger, 1935, p. 3). Interior and exteriors were painted, as were several cottages on the property and the chapel. The house was also "completed redecorated" (Clarion-Ledger, 1935,...
  • Alcorn State University: Oakland Chapel renovations - Lorman MS
    The Oakland Chapel Greek Revival style building constructed 1840-1851 was completely renovated through support from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and state legislated funds that made repairs and improvements to 20 state institutions 1934-1935. Then known as Alcorn A & M College, the chapel was only one of the projects on the campus. Additional work included repair to the men's dormitory, extension of sewer lines, laying of sidewalks, and installment of concrete floors in the blacksmith and machine shops. A total of $8,728.66 of the over $400,000 spent in the other institutions was expended on Alcorn campus. The Mississippi legislature...
  • West Virginia Children's Home Building Addition - Elkins WV
    Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) built an addition to the West Virginia Children's Home in Elkins in 1935.
  • School Repairs - Searsport ME
    According to town reports, needed repairs were conducted on the former school system of Searsport by CWA, FERA, & WPA. Of the school houses mentioned, only one on Mt. Ephraim St. survives as an apartment building. 1933 "There were three projects of grading school grounds entered under the C. W. A. which the Selectmen have engineered. This work will certainly improve the looks of the buildings and also make it possible for the children to play on the school grounds, instead of in the street. Much credit is due the Selectmen for the interest that they have shown in these projects. The...
  • Post Office - Lancaster NH
    The Treasury Department funded the construction of the Lancaster NH Post Office in 1935.
  • Mississippi State University: Swimming Pool and Poolhouse (demolished) - Starkville MS
    Mississippi State College constructed a number of buildings and structures, and made renovations and repairs to existing buildings from 1934-1939 totaling $1,424,478. The projects were w1209, w1226-1 and w1226-2 from PWA. The swimming pool and poolhouse were completed in 1935, and demolished around 2005. Architect Harry W. Stevens completed the design.
  • Crystal Springs Fountain - Crystal Springs ND
    Prior to the construction of I-94, Crystal Springs North Dakota was a mandatory stop for many early motorists traveling down old U.S. Highway 10, the state’s first Highway. The Crystal Springs Fountain is located about one mile northeast of Crystal Springs. Motorists could not only find a place to stretch their legs but could also dip into the cool clear water of the springs to quench their thirst and cool their radiators. The fountain was fed by an artesian well. The water would collect in the top part of the structure and trickle down to an open drinking fountain. The...
  • Federal Building - Clarksville TN
    The Federal Building in Clarksville, Tennessee—originally constructed as a post office, was constructed during the Great Depression with Treasury Department funds. The design of the United States Post Office for Clarksville was released April 19, 1935, to be located on the corner of Legion and Second streets. The front of the building is marble, with brick sides with marble trim. Six partial columns extend across the front, spaced between windows/center door, and light posts are on either side of the door on short columns. The lobby floor was marble. Two murals were installed in the building, in 1938, painted by F....
  • Post Office - Lawrenceburg TN
    The Lawrenceburg post office was completed in 1935 with Louis A. Simon as supervising architect and John W. Wolcott Jr. as architect. The original building is a "symmetrical five-by brick building" and has been extended with an addition that is in sympathetic design. Concrete American eagle medallions are inset above the windows on either side of the fanlight above the entrance doors. Replicas of the eagle medallions are also above 2 of the windows on the extension. Contractors were Forcum-James of Dyersburg.
  • New Mexico School of Mines: Gymnasium - Socorro NM
    The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works funded the construction of the New Mexico School of Mines Gymnasium in Socorro NM in 1935. Project no. 5127. A plaque  mounted near the entrance to the New Mexico Tech Gymnasium reads, "New Mexico School of Mines Gymnasium - Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works - Project No. 5127" New Mexico School of Mines is now known as New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.
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