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  • School Athletic Stadium - Clinton OK
    The Works Progress Administration built a school athletic stadium in Clinton, OK. Contributor note: "The original WPA school was razed due to deterioration. This field was originally given to the town for use as a Little League field in the 1980's, however today, the remaining stone wall encircles a playground area at Nance Elementary School. The wall and bleachers appear to be in fairly good shape. The roughly laid native sandstone wall is stepped with a concrete cap, and encircles a two-block area between Hayes and Court. The west end along S. 13th Street is curved. On the north and south sides of...
  • Boswell Regional Center: Mississippi State Tuberculosis Sanatorium - Magee MS
    In a state-wide program to renovate and improve Mississippi institutions, the State Tuberculosis Hospital, using relief labor and ERA funding, carried out extensive painting and repairs and improvements in 1934-1935. $23,844.80 was expended on interior, exterior painting, floor refinishing, plastering, and new construction. Buildings improved included the two infirmary buildings, six smaller buildings including convalescent wards, nurses home, doctors apartments, staff residences, Preventorium, and service building. The carpenter shop, dairy barn, laying houses, and brooder were constructed. The Preventorium and some residences are still extant, but most other buildings have been demolished. The remaining buildings are used as the Boswell...
  • Central Florida State Farmers' Market and Abatoir - Ocala FL
    The Works progress Administration built the Central Florida State Farmers' Market and Abatoir in Ocala FL.
  • Hurricane Monument - Upper Matecumbe Key FL
    The Works Progress Administration built a memorial for the war veterans and civilian victims of the September 3, 1935 hurricane.
  • Industrial and Training School - Columbia MS
    The Industrial and Training School in Columbia housed juvenile offenders from the early 1900s through 2008 when it was closed. Begun in March 1934, the state legislature appropriated $200,000 to supplement CWA funds for building repairs on Mississippi institutions. Work was delayed due to delay in the CWA funds. Approval was eventually received to use ERA funds. The largest expenditure was for the Industrial and Training School at Columbia, where $49,783.98 was spent on buildings and grounds improvement. Work included rebuilding the water supply system, new reservoir, repair and painting of water tank. Repairs were completed on Franklin Hall and...
  • State School for the Deaf Improvements - Jackson MS
    The State School for the Deaf, originally constructed 1906-1908, removed a wall and rebuilt one wing on the east wing in order to correct surface drainage damaging the wall. The project, financed by ERA and the state legislature replaced glass, plastered walls, and updated electrical and plumbing systems for a total cost of $39,938.25. The facility was demolished in 1951 following the construction of a new school.
  • State School for the Blind Boys Dormitory - Jackson MS
    The boys' dormitory at the State School for the Blind was designed by architects Hull & Drummond in 1934 as part of a $220,000 project using state funds and ERA funds with WPA labor. The new brick 2-story dormitory was constructed to relieve crowded conditions at the school, and cost in excess of $40,000. An additional $3,587 was awarded in September 1935 in order to complete the dormitory. It was used in the Gilfoy School of Nursing after the school relocated in the late 1940s, and was demolished c. 2005 in order to build a parking lot.
  • Municipal Garage - Stratford CT
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) funded the construction of a municipal garage in Stratford, Connecticut, circa 1935. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration  (FERA)completed about 50% of the structure, and the WPA completed the project. This building is currently being used by the Stratford Public Works Department as part of its garage property at 550 Patterson Avenue, at the corner of Frog Pond Lane.
  • Improvements - Dixie National Forest UT
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made various improvements in the Dixie National Forest in 1935, including lookout shelters, roads, trails and comfort stations (restrooms) at Blow Hard Mountain and Brian Head Peak. A CCC camp had been established at Zion National Park in 1933, and in 1934 the CCC set up a ‘stub camp’ (closed in the winter months) at Cedar Breaks National Monument. In 1935, CCC works teams were sent into nearby Dixie National Forest to carry out various building projects.    
  • Overlook Shelter on Brian Head Peak - Dixie National Forest UT
    The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built the Overlook shelter on Brian Head Peak in the Dixie National Forest in 1935.  The rustic stone shelter at 11,300 feet provides a panoramic view of the Cedar Breaks, which were declared a national monument by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.  The CCC team also built the road up to the overlook. A CCC camp had been established at Zion National Park in 1933, and in 1934 the CCC set up a 'stub camp' (closed in the winter months) at Cedar Breaks. In 1935, work teams were sent into Dixie National Forest where they worked...
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