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  • Luttrell Street Bridge over First Creek (demolished) - Knoxville TN
    The bridge was built by the Works Progress Administration. It was demolished at an unknown date and replaced with a pedestrian bridge.
  • Central High School Building Addition - Knoxville TN
    Central High School was built in 1931. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) added a "school room equipment." The WPA cost was $3,085.66. The WPA also did work on the football field and grounds improvements. The WPA cost was $4,750.76.
  • Delta State University Improvements - Cleveland MS
    Federal aid from the Emergency Relief Administration to match $200,000 appropriated by Mississippi legislature was awarded to repair and improve the six state universities and colleges. Delta State Teachers College received $15,595.20 for dormitory renovations, auditorium repairs, and painting other buildings. Complete interior renovation of two men’s dormitories began August 25, 1934, for an expected cost of $15,000 for new plumbing, lights, wall and ceiling plastering, and new woodwork. Hardee Hall, originally constructed 1912-1914, and Taylor Hall, constructed 1912-1914, were part of the Bolivar County Agricultural High School and among the first buildings for Delta State Teachers College. Hardee was...
  • State School Improvements - Ellisville MS
    The State School at Ellisville received $15,000 for repairing the boys’ and girls’ dormitories, including roof, floors, windows, and painting. Three employee cottages were improved with painting, woodwork repair, and modern plumbing installation. The grounds were graded and landscaped. The old boys dormitory and old girls dormitory were constructed 1929 and are possibly the dorms that were renovated, and are extant, as are the employee cottages, constructed in 1930.
  • Governor's Mansion Improvements - Jackson MS
    Governor’s Mansion, constructed 1839-1842 in Greek Revival style, was “redecorated” in 1935. Architect Albert hays Town was involved in the “work with the interior and exterior getting a thorough going-over with repairs and redecorations. Some alterations were made to the interior, the roof repaired, electric wiring renewed and floors refinished” (Improvements completed, 1935, p. 5). The total expenditure was $9,813. The family of the governor was moved from one suite of rooms to another as rooms were renovated one-by-one. Lena Brock supervised the renovation job, and as part of the process, secured a pre-Civil War table c.1840 for use in...
  • State Penitentiary Improvements - Parchman MS
    Using ERA funds, Parchman Farm State Penitentiary was one of several state institutions to receive funding for repairs and improvements, 1934-1935. The Penal Board president reported many buildings in need of repair, including the farm's light plant. Specific repairs are not identified, but $10,401.20 was awarded. In January 1935, the facility built two new dormitories to house prisoners and several other buildings related to running the prison, although whether these were part of the ERA expenditure is not identified. It is unknown if those buildings are extant, although there are surviving buildings from that era. Alan Lomax recorded prisoners singing...
  • State Charity Hospital Improvements - Jackson MS
    State Charity Hospital Improvements in Jackson MS was built with federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) funds in 1935. $18,000 was allotted for the Charity hospital project. N. W. Overstreet was the architect for main building and nurses home renovations in 1934-1935. The hospital was constructed in 1912, closed in 1955, and demolished prior to 1962.
  • Charity Hospital Improvements - Natchez MS
    A $15,000 improvement project was allotted for Natchez Charity hospital, the oldest charity hospital in Mississippi, for main building and nurses’ home. The hospital was constructed 1849-1852, 3.5 stories, and was destroyed by fire in 1984. It became the Natchez Charity Hospital in 1890s.
  • Charity Hospital Improvements - Vicksburg MS
    $4,600 project was allotted for Vicksburg Charities hospital for main building and nurses’ home renovations in 1934. The building that began as the city hospital in the 1840s because a state institution around 1871, operated from a former plantation mansion. It closed in 1989 following numerous renovations/alterations. It was demolished February 2019.
  • University of Mississippi Improvements - University MS
    The CWA and ERA completed repairs and improvements in state institutions across Mississippi in 1934 and 1935. At the University of Mississippi, the interior and exterior of two women's dorms were painted, music hall and campus residence were repaired and repainted, and six other buildings improved. In addition, a new warehouse was constructed, fence, walks and press booths for the athletic field added, drainage structures installed across campus, 525 feet of sidewalk laid, and a dorm destroyed by fire was razed and material salvaged. The total expenditure for the work was $24,043.23.
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