• Lawsonville Avenue Elementary School - Reidsville NC
    Tha PWA built this school for Reidsville, North Carolina in 1934-1935. The total cost was $186,589, and the PWA contributed $54,048 of that. The locals came up with their 70% share on their own.
  • Post Office - Louisville MS
    The post office was built by the Treasury Department in 1935 in a Colonial Revival style. The post office was enlarged with an addition in 1989-90 by architects Samuel "Sambo" Mockbee, Coker, and Tom Howorth. As so many small communities have chosen to replace their historic depression-era post offices, it is of note that Louisville chose a preservation path to keep the post office, and its "art for the people" available to the community at large.
  • West Point Military Academy Building - West Point NY
    This structure was built by the PWA in 1934-5 as the Post Exchange and Utility Building. It now houses the Academy's Directorate of Public Works. A 1939 PWA publication described the building as follows: "This structure is one of several provided for the Military Academy by the Quartermaster Corps of the Army with P.W.A. allotments. It is 291 by 137 feet in over-all dimensions and four stories in height. It contains the post exchange, a commissary department, five offices, a file room; and six storage, receiving, and issuing rooms. The foundations, columns, and floors are concrete, exterior walls above grade are...
  • Neshoba County Library (former) - Philadelphia MS
    The rustic log cabin was the first library built in Philadelphia, Mississippi, although the library had been established several years earlier in space in two other buildings. It was a community effort spearheaded by the Twentieth Century Club. The WPA also provided the first paid librarians. The building, relocated to a park when a new and modern library was constructed, was almost totally destroyed by a tornado in 2011. Only the flooring, chimney, and fireplace remained. It was reconstructed in 2013 in a joint effort of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History and City of Philadelphia.
  • Post Office and Courthouse Extension - Waycross GA
    U.S. Post Office and Court House (1935) Completed in 1913. Architect: Lucius D. Allen Extension completed in 1935. Supervising Architect of extension: Louis A. Simon The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia met here from 1926 until 1975. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but currently vacant.
  • Post Office (former) - Pottsville PA
    This former post office in Pottsville was built with Treasury Department funds in 1935. It is now a private office building.
  • Sierra Madre Dam - Sierra Madre CA
    This concrete dam on Little Santa Anita Creek, in the city of Sierra Madre, California, is owned by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. Although the original dam was completed in 1928, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) did work to channelize the creek and construct bridges below the dam. A large concrete dam for flood control in the vicinity of Sierra Madre was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), circa 1935.
  • Post Office (former) - Kutztown PA
    The historic former post office at 125 W. Main St. in Kutztown, Pennsylvania was constructed in 1935 with Treasury Department funds. The building is now privately owned.
  • Post Office - Port Washington NY
    The historic New Deal post office in Port Washington was built in 1934-5 with joint support from the federal Treasury Department and the Public Works Administration (PWA). A 1933 article in the Suffolk County News described the PWA allotments for this and other nearby post offices: "Actual allotments for post office buildings in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, amounting to $502,430, have been made by the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works. This sum will provide three new post office buildings in Suffolk and four in Nassau, as follows: Suffolk—Bay Shore, $71,270; East Hampton, $73,400; Riverhead, $81,000. Nassau—Floral Park, $67,760; Garden City,...
  • Health at Home Mural - San Francisco CA
    This 8.5' x 5' tempera-on-plaster fresco "Community Spirit" was completed in 1935 with New Deal funds (program unknown to the Living New Deal). The mural was painted by Bernard Zakheim with assistance from Joseph Kelly and Phyllis Wrightson.