• Emery Park Elementary School Playground Improvements - Alhambra CA
    In March 1935, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) carried out improvements to the playground at Emery Park Elementary School in Alhambra, CA. The work consisted of grading approximately 6,000 square yards and paving.
  • San Pascual Wash - San Marino CA
    WPA Project #1 B13 905 A concrete lined storm drain that runs from through San Marino to the Alhambra Wash. The images shown here run from North to South along the wash in the order displayed. To see a map showing each of the photos click here. Project dates: Feb. 12, 1933 to Mar. 15, 1933. (Alternative spelling: San Pasqual)
  • Pedestrian Tunnel - Alhambra CA
    From April to June 1935, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a pedestrian tunnel at Valley Boulevard and 6th Street in Alhambra, CA. It was intended to improve pedestrian safety for Ramona Elementary School students. According to a WPA official, "This tunnel, built of reinforced concrete, is 165 feet long, 8 feet high and seven feet wide; the stair approaches are 22 feet each. The walls are plastered and pebble-dashed and an Auto-Electric Light system installed. The approach walls are stairs are guarded by ornamental iron rails. When excavating, a sand formation was encountered at the North approach which caused considerable...
  • Original Oregon Shakespeare Festival Theater (demolished) - Ashland OR
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the original theater used to launch the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland OR in 1935, as part of general improvements the WPA was making to Lithia Park at the time. Over the years, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has became a major cultural draw on the West Coast, with several theaters in Ashland and Portland.  It all started in 1935 under drama teacher Angus Bowman of Southern Oregon (Teachers) College in Ashland, who asked the city to let him and his students perform Shakespeare as part of the annual July 4th festival.  Bowman designed a rough copy...
  • Upper Sandy Guard Station Cabin - Government Camp OR
    "The Upper Sandy Guard Station Cabin, built in 1935, is an exceptional expression of a "rugged" Rustic style U.S. Forest Service building constructed by skilled local carpenters and laborers assisted by men employed under one of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal work relief programs. Funded by the Emergency Relief Appropriations (ERA) Act of 1935, and cooperating funds from the City of Portland, the cabin was built along the newly constructed Timberline Trail specifically to provide housing for an administrative guard to protect the Bull Run Division watershed, the source of the City of Portland's drinking water supply, from public...
  • Capitol School (former) - Guthrie OK
    "Originally built in 1935 as Capitol School at 802 E. Vilas, this building is currently home to the Board of Education and other Guthrie Public Schools administrative offices. This WPA project is documented on the cornerstone where is indicates that this is WPA project 6-49. This is a one-story tan brick building which faces south. The entrance is slightly recessed with a single glass door, sidelights and transom. The entrance is within a stone surround with the words CAPITOL SCHOOL embossed in stone. Four concrete steps lead to the entrance door."   (waymarking.com)
  • Hart Park Horseshoe Pit - Orange CA
    Hart Park in Orange, California, was created in the 1930s by the City of Orange with the help of the State Emergency Relief Agency (SERA) and the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). At the time, the park was known as Orange City Park and was changed to Hart Park in 1964. SERA and WPA created several facilities at Hart Park, most likely including this area for playing horseshoes. A date stamp carved into the horseshoe pit cement shows a date of October 2, 1935.  An adjacent mission-style building for meetings was most likely built by the WPA, as well.
  • Banner School (demolished) - Guthrie OK
    "Banner School, constructed in 1935, was one of the 825 schools constructed in Oklahoma by the Works Progress Administration. Banner School is located at 1124 W. Warner in northwest Guthrie. The school was constructed in 1935 by the WPA. Unlike the red native stone buildings so prominent in the region, this school is constructed of several shades of tan brick. The brick was scored with vertical striations. This is a one-story building which was an elementary school. The windows are equipped with horizontal, exterior metal movable sun shades. The building is currently vacant and not in use... To the left of the...
  • Community House - Pontotoc MS
    The Tudor-style community house was constructed in 1935 by FERA. "A stone-veneered building with false half-timbered gables, very similar to the community houses in Grenada and Winona" (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database Fact Sheet). The facility is currently available for community activities and is used frequently for committee meetings, weddings, funerals, and other local events. A committee formed in 1999 and was involved in restoration and renovation for a 10-year period (Elkins, 2009).
  • Yosemite Drive Storm Drain - Los Angeles CA
    A 102″ concrete pipe under Yosemite Drive in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles built by the CWA in response to the 1934 New Year’s Day Flood which caused the death of at least 45 people in Montrose and La Crescenta and some property damage along the former Eagle Rock creek. The sides of the channel are lined with corrugated iron and it measures about five feet wide and three feet deep.