Community Groups Fight to Preserve WPA Armory

The Armory Community Project needs urgent help to save the WPA-built Sheboygan Armory from demolition. Located in in Sheboygan WI, the 1941 structure served as a community center for decades, but is now slated for demolition to make way for housing development. For the past year, local community groups have mobilized in an effort to preserve the armory and find ways to integrate it in the new private development. The Sheboygan Common Council voted to demolish it, but the Historic Preservation Committee voted to place a 90-day hold on the demolition. The Armory Community Project is trying to raise funds within the next month, or the common council will most certainly vote again to demolish. The community group, which prepared a comprehensive proposal for redevelopment, has raised about $1 million. They also need your support for a referendum that would allow the community to decide the fate of the Armory. To help them preserve this historically significant public asset, consider donating to their Gofundme page.

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  1. The preservation efforts failed and the Sheboygan Armory was demolished in 2020. As of now, January 2024, there has been no decision on what to do with the site.

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