Shock Troops of Disaster

In addition to the calamity of the Great Depression, in the 1930s the U.S. was beset by environmental catastrophes—floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, drought and a Dust Bowl. But the nation had something then that it does not have in 2012 to deal with devastating storms such as hurricanes Katrina, Irene and Sandy. WPA and CCC workers were trained in disaster aid and recovery. Tens of thousands of men and women could be quickly mobilized…. read more

Berkeley Fights to Save Its Post Office

The Downtown Berkeley’s Main Post Office is widely recognized as not just a local treasure but also a national treasure. In June, the U.S. Postal Service notified the City of Berkeley of the impending sale of the downtown post office. Gray Brechin, Harvey Smith and Ying Lee of the Living New Deal quickly joined forces with labor and community organizers to form Citizens to Save the Berkeley Post Office. … read more