500 Massachusetts Sites

On January 23rd, The Living New Deal mapped its 500th New Deal site for Massachusetts: WPA repairs to Oread Place in Worcester. The Bay State now joins California, New York, and Texas as states where we’ve located 500 or more… read more

Uncovering California’s New Deal Art

A daring exhibition at the University of Santa Clara in 1976 began the rediscovery of a buried civilization then itself only forty years in the past. “New Deal Art: California,” a six-month exhibition at the De Saisset Gallery, pulled out of storage… read more

Florida’s New Deal Landscapes in Jeopardy

Florida’s State Parks — like those of other states — expanded and greatly benefited from New Deal programs as well as from Franklin Roosevelt’s personal interest in conservation (see previous newsletter for review of Douglas Brinkley’s Rightful Heritage.) So skillfully… read more

Greenhills Named a National Historic Landmark

Near Cincinnati, Ohio, the Village of Greenhills is one of only three New Deal “greenbelt” towns in the country. On January 11, it was designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior. Greenhills was a demonstration project… read more

The Fate of the New Deal

One of the many unknowns of Donald Trump’s impending presidency is the fate of America’s New Deal legacy. Last Tuesday, Newt Gingrich spoke before the Heritage Foundation in a wide-ranging speech celebrating Trump’s victory and the social, economic, and cultural changes… read more