June 2013 Newsletter

With record youth unemployment, Germany and France have announced a plan to invest billions in education, training, and jobs. They call it the “New Deal for Europe.” Ironically, the U.S., home of the original New Deal, remains mired in recession,… read more

March 2013 Newsletter

What does the New Deal mean today? As federal budget cuts and the sell-off of the U.S. Postal Service threaten jobs, our economy, and common heritage, the New Deal reminds us that government can be a source of leadership and purpose… read more

November 2012 Newsletter

Leading economists are calling for new New Deal–public investment to get our country working again and to build the foundation for America’s future. If you want to see what a New Deal can do, take a look at our interactive… read more

May 2012

The Living New Deal is making visible the achievements of the New Deal, when America put millions of unemployed to work and invested in housing, health care, education, and cultural enrichment to its people. Our website is a growing database… read more

Spring 2012

During the Great Depression, the New Deal brought jobs, hope, and progress to America. Libraries, courthouses, airports, schools, bridges, roads, trails, and public art are part of a vast New Deal legacy America still relies on but rarely recognizes. Through… read more