• Post Office Mural - Gas City IN
    The historic post office in Gas City, Indiana houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Gas City in Boom Days," a Treasury Section of Fine Arts-commissioned mural completed by William A. Dolwick in 1939. The size of the oil-on-canvas mural is 12'8"x 3'6".
  • Post Office Mural - Hobart IN
    The historic Hobart, Indiana post office houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Early Hobart," a 12-by-five-foot oil-on-canvas mural completed by William  A. Dolwick in 1938. The work was commissioned by the federal Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Public Library Mural (Dolwick) - Cleveland OH
    “In the Cleveland region, the Cleveland Public Library was the largest recipient of art that was funded by Federal programs in the Depression era. The leadership of Linda Eastman, Library Director from 1918 to 1938, was crucial. She believed in the importance of the arts in supporting learning and she was encouraged by the enthusiasm of her brother, painter William Joseph Eastman. Three major murals were painted for the Main Library Building; six murals were painted for branch libraries; children’s sections were decorated with ceramics and dolls (pg 33) that served as aids during story-telling; numerous easel paintings portrayed historical and...