• Canal Street Station Post Office Sculpture - New York NY
    The federal Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts funded a terra-cotta relief by Wheeler Williams entitled "Indian Bowman" to be installed in the newly constructed Canal Street post office. The sculpture was installed in 1938.
  • Penataquit Station Post Office Sculpture - Bay Shore NY
    The historic Penataquit Station post office in Bay Shore, New York houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Speed," a 1936 bas relief sculpture created by Wheeler Williams. "In addition to its architectural importance, the contains a noteworthy relief sculpture entitled Speed by Wheeler Williams that was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture in 1936. This was one of the New Deal art programs during the 1930’s which created murals and other public art for public buildings. Williams emphasizes the speed of communication by mail with his sculpted image of Mercury, the messenger and god of commerce...