• New Mexico State University: Branson Library Art - Las Cruces NM
    "Tom Lea, currently a resident of El Paso, created two fifteen-foot panels which are housed in this gallery on campus. They depict scenes from New Mexico's colorful history from 1599 to 1870. 'Conquistadors' presents the Spanish conquest and late historical developments in the area while 'La Mesilla' deals with the two main industries at the time: agriculture and ranching. Also included are scenes from events in the Mexican War, Apache raids and the acquisition of La Mesilla as a part of the United States via the Gadsen Purchase. Lea Researched his material in Santa Fe using documents from the...
  • Post Office Mural - Odessa TX
    The mural "The Stampede" by Tom Lea was painted for the historic former post office building in Odessa, Texas. The work, which has since been relocated to the city's current post office, was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. A sign in the post office says that this mural was inspired by the song "Little Joe the Wrangler."
  • Post Office Mural - Pleasant Hill MO
    The post office contains a 1939 Section of Fine Arts mural "Back Home, April 1865" painted by Tom Lea. Although unpleasant subjects and memories are seldom seen in Post Office murals, the scene depicted is that of four people returning to their devastated land on a gray day in April, 1865 at the conclusion of the Civil War after having been forced off of their land as a result of Order Number Eleven which was a Union Army directive by General Thomas Ewing, issued on August 25, 1863, 4 days after a massacre by Quantrill’s raiders in Lawrence, KS.  The order...
  • Post Office Mural - Seymour TX
    The mural "Comanches" was painted with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds in 1942.