• Hollywood Station Post Office Relief - Los Angeles CA
    This wood relief "Horseman" by Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas depicts a man leading two horses. It was funded by the Treasury Relief Art Project in 1937.
  • Post Office Bas Reliefs - San Fernando CA
    "Transportation of the Mail" This series of seven wood reliefs illustrating various ways of transporting mail surrounds a doorway in the San Fernando Post Office. They depict how the mail is moved, via ship, train, plane, truck and even horseback.
  • Post Office Bas-Reliefs (Exterior) - Inglewood CA
    Four plaster bas-reliefs, depicting a buffalo, bear, ram, and lion, decorate the exterior of the Inglewood CA main post office. They sit between the first and second floor windows of the front of the building. These sculptures were created by Gordon Newell and Sherry Peticolas in 1937 and funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts (not the arts programs of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), as sometimes thought). The artist and provenance of the abstract relief with an eagle over the entrance of the post office is unknown to us. The 1940 granite statue of the dog "Rex" in front of the...
  • Power of Water Fountain - Los Angeles CA
    The Power of Water Fountain, designed by Henry Lion, Jason Herron & Sherry Peticolas c.1935 is one of hundreds of public sculptures created during the federally-assisted Public Works of Art Project. A cast central figure of a woman symbolizes the power of water, the flowing lines of her hair and garments evoking water; a bas-relief panel on the face of the lower basin depicts the eternal struggle to obtain the precious resource. The fountain/sculpture is owned by the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department.