• Aquatic Park Bathhouse (Maritime Museum): Ayer Murals - San Francisco CA
    Richard Ayer's bas relief "Nautical Abstractions" is composed of paint on plaster with embedded rope and piping. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Aquatic Park in San Francisco. Ayer also painted the mural "Tugboats" installed on the third floor above the east door. Both pieces were completed in 1939 with the help of FAP funds.
  • Aquatic Park Bathhouse (Maritime Museum): Hiler Murals - San Francisco CA
    This oil-on-plaster "Prismatarium" mural was designed by Hilaire Hilel to give "striking demonstrations on the relationship of color and light." It covers the walls and ceiling of a circular room on the west side of the building. Originally, the light fixture revolved. Several other artists also worked on this mural with Hiler. Hilaire also created the massive 10' x 100' mural entitled "Lost Continents of Atlantis and Mu," a "wax-emulsion variation of the Gambier-Parry spirit fresco process," was completed in 1939 with the help of FAP funds. It covers all 4 walls of the main hall.
  • Presidio Main Post Chapel Mural - San Francisco CA
    “A notable artistic feature of the Main Post Chapel is a large fresco painted in 1935 by Victor Arnautoff and his assistants. With St. Francis at its center, the mural depicts a historical pageant related to the founding of the Presidio and the peacetime activities of the Army. Recognized as a leading artist of the period, Arnautoff painted the murals at Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill and in Washington High School, and taught graphic arts at Stanford. "Victor Mikhail Arnautoff was born in the Ukraine in 1896. He served as Cavalry officer in Czar Nicholas II’s army, received the Cross of...