• Coit Tower: Stackpole Mural - San Francisco CA
    This 10' x 36' PWAP fresco "Industries of California" by Ralph Stackpole, who was assisted by Thomas Hayes, depicts workers engaged in numerous California industries. Stackpole, primarily a sculptor, learned fresco for this project.  
  • George Washington High School: Stackpole Mural - San Francisco CA
    Ralph Stackpole's 5'6" x 27' fresco "Contemporary Education" in the Washington High School library was completed in 1936 with FAP funds.
  • Sacramento City College Mural - Sacramento CA
    "Importance of Education in Sacramento" by Ralph Stackpole was painted in 1937 with support from the WPA Federal Art Project. "San Francisco painter and sculptor Ralph Stackpole was among the artists who created on the federal dime. He spent the summer of 1937 painting a mural on plaster in the lobby of the auditorium at Sacramento Junior College on Freeport Boulevard, since renamed Sacramento City College. Stackpole's mural depicts people engaged in various forms of work, such as designing an airplane and farming." (https://www.mcclatchydc.com/2009/02/03/61368/senates-stimulus-bill-is-nothing.html#ixzz0rpxez4CQ) The mural is 30' x 10' tempera on plaster.
  • Udall Department of the Interior Building: Warneke and Stackpole Reliefs - Washington DC
    The Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior building contains one of the largest collections of New Deal art in Washington DC, by some of the finest American artists of the time.  Two large bas-relief panels are mounted on either side of the stage of the auditorium, one by Heinz Warneke and one by Ralph Stackpole.  Warneke's was commissioned in 1937 by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts and installed in 1939; Stockpole's was commissioned in 1938 and installed in 1940.   The panels are 10' high by 4' wide.  Warneke's is cast stone and Stockpole's is Indiana limestone.  Heinz Warneke treats...