• Post Office Mural - Jackson GA
    This Section of Fine Arts mural, entitled "Cotton--From Field to Mill," was painted in 1940 by Philip Evergood, for the then-new Jackson post office at 132 S Mulberry St. It was moved to the retail lobby of the current post office building upon its relocation in 1995. Following alleged complaints regarding the content of the mural, it was covered with black plastic in August 2020 while its fate is determined (Jackson Progress-Argus).
  • Richmond Hill Public Library Mural - Richmond Hill NY
    In 1936 Philip Evergood completed a 160-foot mural entitled "The Story of Richmond Hill," with funds provided by the Works Progress Administration's (WPA) Federal Art Project. "The left and lighter side of the mural celebrates the bucolic pleasures of Queens, with citizens making merry (couples dancing in the park), The right and darker side depicts less rosy conditions in the heart of the metropolis (laborers and children). A middle section shows planners and dreamers. The mural is displayed over bookcases in the main reading room." (loc.gov)