• Beach Chalet: Staircase Sculptures - San Francisco CA
    Michael von Meyer created the enameled, magnolia wood carvings, called "Sea Creatures," in the balustrade of the south stairway of the Beach Chalet.  The carvings are 36" high and run all the way up to the second floor, about 25 feet in all.  It is a marvelous fantasy piece that includes an octopus, mermaid with child, merman (Neptune?), porpoise, fish with elephantine trunk, sailing ship and a deep-sea diver, among others. All the Beach Chalet artworks were done by unemployed artists hired by the Federal Art Project (FAP), a branch of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). 
  • Fort Ord, Stilwell Hall - Marina CA
    "On 1 July 1940 the 7th Division was activated at what was then known as Camp Ord with General Joseph W. Stilwell (1883 - 1946) in command. Also known as "Vinegar Joe" or "Uncle Joe", depending upon one's station in life, General Stilwell conceived a place where those who were rigorously training to put their lives on the line for our country could find respite. A man of action, General Stilwell bull-dogged this project through. He picked the site and assigned the architects: 1st Lieutenant Savo Stoshitch of the 13th Engineer Division and 2nd Lieutenant Orville Pierce, 74th Field Artillery...
  • Post Office Carving - Santa Clara CA
    The main Santa Clara post office contains a 4' x 3.5' wood carving, "Early Pioneers" by Michael von Meyer, created under the auspices of the Treasury Relief Art Project, c. 1935.
  • UCSF Medical Center: von Meyer Bas Relief - San Francisco CA
    This walnut relief "Joy of Life" by Michael von Meyer depicting a mother and child was completed in 1937 with FAP funds.