• Brooklyn Technical High School - Brooklyn NY
    A WPA photo of students of the Brooklyn Technical High School says that the school itself was constructed by the PWA. The school's website says that ground was broken on the site in 1930 and the school was ready for partial occupancy in 1933, so most likely construction began before the New Deal but was completed by the PWA.
  • Brooklyn Technical High School Mural - Brooklyn NY
    The school's main lobby features a large oil on canvas WPA mural painted by Maxwell Starr in 1941 . Entitled "History of Mankind in Terms of Mental and Physical Labor," the mural "traces developments from the Stone Age through the 1930s and portrays notable scientists and inventors." The mural was restored in 1998 by the Tech Alumni Association.   (https://www.bths.edu)  
  • Post Office Mural - Rockdale TX
    The historic post office in Rockdale, Texas houses an example of New Deal artwork: a Treasury Section of Fine Arts-commissioned oil-on-canvas mural entitled "Industry in Rockdale."
  • Post Office Mural - Siler City NC
    The Siler City Post Office contains a Section of Fine Arts mural by Maxwell B. Starr entitled "Building the First House at Siler's Crossroads." Medium: oil on canvas