• Post Office (former) Mural - Magnolia AR
    The 4'6" x 12' oil-on-canvas mural entitled “Threshing” was painted in 1938 by Joe Jones for what was then Magnolia's new post office. The mural is still housed in the building, which had been converted into Magnolia's Public Library before becoming privately owned. “Joe Jones was commissioned for $560 to create a mural for Magnolia, Arkansas as a result of an Honorable Mention in an earlier Section of Fine Arts Competition. The composition is a mid-western scene of wheat threshing, The Section rejected Jones initial image of Negroes enjoying watermelon under a tree, basically stating that they wanted him to compose...
  • Post Office Mural - Anthony KS
    The historic Anthony post office houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Turning a Corner," a mural painted by Joe Jones in 1939 with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funding.
  • Post Office Mural - Charleston MO
    The post office contains a mural entitled "Harvest" by Joe Jones. It was created in 1939 with the support of the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural “Harvest by Joe Jones was done at the height of the artists fame and is a classic subject for Mr. Jones.  It shows the harvest of wheat in a very labor intensive manner showing the cutting of the wheat, gathering it, and stacking it on a wagon.  Wheat dominates the field, though the farmers provide a great deal of motion.  It is all done under a dark cloudy sky. Joe Jones was largely self-taught...
  • Post Office Mural - Dexter MO
    The post office contains a 1941 Treasury Section of Fine Arts mural by Joe Jones entitled "Husking Corn." This is an excellent mural showing farmers harvesting and husking corn.  The dominant feature is the men working with lots of movement and wearing work clothes.  The corn is important, but could be any commodity.  He is celebrating the workers, very much in keeping with his strong political beliefs. Joe Jones was largely self-taught and won an award in 1931 which enabled him to travel to the artists colony in Provincetown, MA.  He was highly political and after becoming communist, was shunned by many...
  • Post Office Mural - Seneca KS
    "New Deal mural entitled "Men & Wheat" painted by Joe Jones in 1940. Mr Jones also painted murals for the post offices in Charleston & Dexter, MO; Anthony, KS and Magnolia, AR. All the murals depict a harvest scene and all but Dexter depict wheat harvesting."