• Post Office Mural - Jeanerette LA
    The post office contains a Section of Fine Arts fresco entitled "Sugar Cane Mill" painted in 1941 by Hollis Holbrooks.
  • Post Office Mural - Natick MA
    The historic post office building in Natick, MA contains a Section of Fine Arts-funded tempera mural titled "John Eliot Speaks to the Natick Indians." It was painted by Hollis Holbrook in 1937. The mural was restored in 2007.
  • Public Library - Haleyville AL
    Haleyville, Alabama's historic public library building was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds during the 1930s. The city has utilized the building as the community's library since the post office moved out in 1970. The building also houses a New Deal mural, presently in questionable condition.
  • Public Library Mural - Haleyville AL
    The egg tempera-on-gesso mural "Reforestation" was commissioned by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and installed in what was then the post office for Haleyville, Alabama in 1940. "When the post office moved in 1970, the city took over the old post office building. Since then, the mural has been painted over at least 3 times. Three silver dollar sized areas of paint have been removed by an art conservator. The local historical society is in the process of raising funds to have the entire mural uncovered--upwards of $25,000." (newdealartregistry.com)