• Federal Building Art - Columbia TN
    The United States Courthouse in Columbia, TN, formerly the post office, is home to Sidney Waugh's 1941 limestone sculpture, entitled "American Eagle," and Henry Billings's 1942 oil on canvas mural, entitled "Maury County Landscape." Both were completed with funds provided by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Post Office Mural - Medford MA
    The oil-on-canvas mural, "Golden Triangle of Trade," which hangs in the lobby of the historic branch post office in Medford, Massachusetts, was painted by Henry Billings in 1939. Often mistaken as a work created by the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project, the three-panel mural was actually commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, a separate agency that commissioned 'decorations' for federal facilities. The mural is one of more than 1,000 pieces of art created for post offices and other federal buildings during the New Deal era. Concerns have perennially emerged in Medford about the content of the work, one of...
  • Post Office Murals - Lake Placid NY
    The post office interior features five murals depicting winter sports painted by Henry Billings in 1937.
  • Village Hall (Old Post Office) Murals - Wappingers Falls NY
    The old post office, now village hall contains two Section of Fine Arts murals by Henry Billings: "The two Wappinger Falls murals are located in the Town Hall, a Dutchess County Historical site, and formerly the town's post office. The paintings by Henry Billings show two views of the town's waterfall at different points in time. The building itself is walking distance from the actual waterfall... The murals are painted on chestnut panels and fill the triangular space where the ceiling of the building is pitched. The two views, one from 1780 and the other from 1880, face each other from opposite...