• Kennedy Department of Justice Building: Biddle Frescoes - Washington DC
    The New Deal is responsible for a magnificent array of artworks that embellish the Department of Justice building. The Treasury Section of Fine Arts commissioned artists to create 68 murals between 1936 and 1941 for $68,000, or one percent of the building cost.  The building’s murals depict scenes of daily life from American history and allegories on the role of justice in American society. George Biddle painted a five-panel fresco mural, "Society Freed through Justice," in 1936.  The second panel was restored c. 1973, after damage to the wall behind it. "This five-panel mural illustrates the importance of justice in the lives of...
  • Pierre Van Cortlandt School - Croton-on-Hudson NY
    The Pierre Van Cortlandt School was completed and opened in January 1940. The school was built as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project, a New Deal progream established under Franklin Roosevelt. The building has some beautiful artwork, including a stone relief on the grand staircase, sculptures on the gymnasium walls, and a stunning stained glass window. The stained glass window depicts a sailboat that appears to be floating on the actual Hudson river. The artwork was done under the auspices of the Federal Art Project.
  • Post Office Mural - Claremont CA
    In 1937, Milford Zornes (assisted by George Biddle) painted an enormous oil-on-canvas mural, "California Landscape," in the Claremont, CA, post office. The mural was funded by the Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP). The 58' x 3'4" mural wraps around all four walls of the lobby. "There are clusters of trees, people walking along a road, a farmer leading two plough horses, and a couple in Mexican finery dancing. Bridges Auditorium, meant to represent Pomona College and the importance of higher education, is also portrayed" (Dunitz, p. 343). Zornes was an Oklahoma-born watercolorist for whom Western landscapes were a favorite subject. He also...
  • Post Office Murals - New Brunswick NJ
    The post office contains three murals by George Biddle painted in 1939 with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds, each depicting a historical scene from the region: "George Washington with De Witt, Geographer of the Revolutionary Army" "Washington Retreating from New Brunswick" "Howe and Cornwallis Entering New Brunswick"