• Post Office Mural - Catasauqua PA
    The mural "Arrival of the Stage," located in the lobby of the historic Catasauqua post office, was a New Deal work commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The mural was completed in 1936 and is still visible today.
  • Post Office Murals (destroyed) - Clarksville TN
    Artist F. Luis Mora painted "Arrival of the Renfro Family" and "Abundance of Today" in 1938 for what was then the Clarksville post office (now Federal Building). The two murals were placed in the lobby January 20, 1938 by the New York artist, assisted by Harry E. Brastead of the Southwest Decorating Company, Wichita, Kansas. Mora painted the murals in 4 months, and they were 12 feet by 5 feet each. Mora attributed the idea for the murals to reading the historical pageant of Clarksville, "Through the Mist of the Years" written by Rev. Arthur E. Whittle. One of the...