• Clinton Federal Building: Savage Murals - Washington DC
    The Clinton Federal Building (north) was originally the US Post Office Department headquarters, completed under the New Deal in 1934.  It contains a wealth of New Deal artworks commissioned and paid for by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts – 25 murals and 22 sculptural elements (12 bas-reliefs, 2 statues, 8 wood medallions) – featuring postal themes. Eugene Francis Savage painted two large (7 x 13.5') murals for the Post Office Department building:  "Carrier of News and Knowledge" and "Messenger of Sympathy and Love".  The works were painted in 1937. Sarah Gordon says of these murals: "As the culmination of the U.S. Post...
  • Fair Park: Hall of State Mural - Dallas TX
    The oil-on-canvas mural "Texas of History," a ten-panel behemoth, each 30' x 80', was painted by Eugene Francis Savage as a New Deal project.
  • Fountain County Courthouse Murals - Covington IN
    This building has multiple murals, including two by Eugene Savage entitled "The Receiver of Taxes," "The Disbursement of Tax Dollars" and an unnamed mural (all pictured here). They were created 1937, likely with funding from the Federal Art Project . The building also contains several other murals painted by different artists (including the unnamed mural pictured here), all under the supervision of Savage and composed between 1937 and 1939. Covering 2,500 square feet, they "depict scenes from the European discovery of America through the settlement of western Indiana" (Indiana Business News). The murals are currently undergoing restoration, which can be seen on...
  • Northwest Office Building - Harrisburg PA
    Built in 1939 with PWA funds, the Northwest Office Building was originally supposed to be part of an expanded Capitol complex that never came to pass. The building is now used as headquarters for the Pennsylvania Liquor Board.