• Federal Courthouse Mural - Brooklyn NY
    Edward Laning completed a mural entitled "The Role of the Immigrant in the Industrial Development of America" in 1938 for the Dining Hall in the Administration Building on Ellis Island with funding from the WPA's Federal Art Project. "The mural was 10 feet tall by 190 feet long...The sweep of the mural’s length echoed the grand scope of its narrative" that spanned American immigration history, geography, and industrial development.  Unfortunately, "Most of the mural was ruined in the 1950s when a storm damaged the roof of the facility. Portions of original were salvaged in 1970, when Judge Jacob Mishler of the Eastern Court of New York...
  • New York Public Library Murals - New York NY
    The McGraw Rotunda of the 5th Ave. library building contains a set of WPA murals: "It features The Story of the Recorded Word, a set of four large arched panels by Edward Laning, were executed for the McGraw Rotunda of the New York Public Library Main Branch from 1938 to 1942 as part of a Works Progress Admistration (WPA) Project, with supplies furnished by Isaac Phelps Stokes, author of the Iconography of Manhattan Island. Laning depicted the story of the recorded word across each of the murals. The first mural, to the left of the entrance to the Catalog Room, Moses...
  • Richmond County Administration Building (old Federal Building) Mural - Rockingham NC
    The historic former New Deal post office and federal building—now the Richmond County Administration Building—in Rockingham, North Carolina received an example of New Deal artwork upon its completion. Commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, Edward Laning painted this triptych, "The Post as Connecting Thread in Human Life," in 1937. The work can be found n the lobby near the building's entrance.
  • William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse - Bowling Green KY
    What is now known as the William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse in Bowling Green, Kentucky was constructed as the United States Post Office and Courthouse in 1940-1. Construction was funded by the Treasury Department. The building also houses New Deal artwork.
  • William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse Mural - Bowling Green KY
    Edward Laning painted the mural "The Long Hunters Discover Daniel Boone" for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts in 1942. It is viewable in the William H. Natcher U.S. Courthouse lobby.