• Hollenbeck Middle School Mural - Los Angeles CA
    Dorr Bothwell painted this mural "Youth and Democracy" in 1938 with WPA Federal Art Project funding for the Hollenbeck Junior High School, also a New Deal project. From a 1965 oral history interview with Bothwell: MS. BOTHWELL: That was just a little thing. It was only two feet high, I think it was two feet high or two and a half feet high, and that ran two hundred and some odd feet. And we had all the costumes of the children of the world or all the costumes of the people of the world around the foyer of the theater. Above...
  • Lindbergh STEAM Academy Mural - Long Beach CA
    This massive 5 x 132 foot oil on canvas mural—titled "History of Aviation"—is located in the library at Lindbergh STEAM Academy in Long Beach, CA. Jean Goodwin Ames and Arthur Ames designed the mural under the auspices of the Work Projects Administration Art Project (WPAAP); Serena Swanson, Dorr Bothwell, Elizabeth Mills, and Mary Stanfield painted it. It was completed in 1940.