• John Muir Elementary School Murals - San Francisco CA
    Three 15' x 7.5' frescoes by David Park on the themes "Art," "Civilization," and "Nature." The frescoes surround the main entrance. The murals were done as part of the Public Works of Art Program (then funded by the CWA).
  • Piedmont High School: Mosaics and Murals - Piedmont CA
    Piedmont High School was graced with four New Deal artworks in the 1930s, two of which have disappeared. They were commissioned by the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which also constructed a new library and a classroom building.  This work was done c. 1937-39. Edgar D. Taylor created two mosaics for the school: "Modern Education" was on the wall in the library; "Ancient Education" was in the corridor behind the library.  These works are evidently still in the current library. Two other works are reported as missing and any information on their fate would be greatly appreciated: •Joseph Sheridan...
  • Watercolor - San Francisco CA
    In 1933, David Park painted the watercolor, “200 Men Making Trails on Cliff Face, Lands End—San Francisco,” for the Public Works of Art Project (PWAP). This is among a series that were likely meant as studies for murals depicting Civil Works Association (CWA) projects around San Francisco. The watercolor is currently on view at the Legion of Honor in that city.