• Post Office Reliefs - Scottsboro AL
    Section of Fine Arts three section plaster relief entitled "Alabama Agriculture" installed in 1940 by Constance Ortmayer in the Scottsboro post office. "Ortmayer was teaching at Rollins College in Florida when she received the invitation to do a panel in Scottsboro. She chose a theme based on Alabama agriculture, especially cotton and corn. She described the final images: "Three phases of cotton growing form the theme of the central panel. On the right the cultivation of the crop is symbolized by the young man working with a hoe among the new plants. Opposite a young woman is depicted picking ripened bolls,...
  • Post Office Sculpture - Arcadia FL
    The historic post office building in Arcadia, Florida contains a 1939 Section of Fine Arts sculpture by Constance Ortmayer entitled "Arcadia." The sculpture is 3.5' x 4.'