• Post Office (former) Mural - Birmingham MI
    The former post office contains a 1942 Section of Fine Arts tempera mural by Cuban-born artist Carlos Lopez entitled "The Pioneering Society's Picnic."
  • Post Office Mural - Dwight IL
    The post office contains a Section of Fine Arts mural entitled "The Stage at Dawn" painted in 1937 by Carlos Lopez.
  • Post Office Mural - Paw Paw MI
    The historic Paw Paw post office houses an example of New Deal artwork: a 1940 Section of Fine Arts tempera mural by Carlos Lopez entitled "Bounty."
  • Purcell Station Post Office Mural - Plymouth MI
    The historic Purcell Station post office in Plymouth, Michigan houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Plymouth Trail," by Carlos Lopez. The work was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Recorder of Deeds Building: Lopez Mural - Washington DC
    “Although the ROD Building was a municipal building, the District of Columbia's peculiar sovereignty status required that the federal government approve its construction, and that the Treasury Department Section of Fine Art play a major role in its art program… The Treasury Sections December 1, 1942 announcement of the ROD Building mural competition was a term paper-like, ten page document that required artists to submit their entries unsigned for anonymous judging… A press release announced that the winners wide geographic dispersion and almost equal female-male ratio, as well as the inclusion of accomplished African-American painter William Edouard Scott, proved the fairness of...