• Coit Tower: Zakheim Mural - San Francisco CA
    The description at Coit Tower of this controversial 10' x 10' PWAP fresco "Library" by Bernard Zakheim reads: "Joining the artist in the library are family and friends. The artist is reading a Hebrew book. Fellow artist John Langley Howard reaches for a Marx book, Ralph Stackpole learns about the destruction of the Rivera mural at Rockefeller Center in New York, and Beniamino Bufano reads about his proposed St. Francis statue." In addition to the Marx volume, if you look closely you can see a number of other controversial headings in this fresco. Note also the way the real window is worked...
  • Health at Home Mural - San Francisco CA
    This 8.5' x 5' tempera-on-plaster fresco "Community Spirit" was completed in 1935 with New Deal funds (program unknown to the Living New Deal). The mural was painted by Bernard Zakheim with assistance from Joseph Kelly and Phyllis Wrightson.
  • Mineola Historical Museum (Old Post Office) Mural - Mineola TX
    This building was originally the post office, but then was repurposed as the Mineola Historical Museum. The oil-on-canvas mural by Bernard Zakheim, entitled "New and Old Methods of Transportation," was funded by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. From Art Daily, on the occasion of the announcement of its restoration: During the Great Depression, jobs were scarce and rural inhabitants were struggling to come to terms with the explosion of new industries and new forms of transportation. Mineola residents, who at the time were mostly farmers, were trying to catch up with their country, which was rapidly changing from being an agricultural...
  • Post Office Mural - Rusk TX
    The historic post office in Rusk, Texas houses an example of New Deal artwork: a Section of Fine Arts-commissioned mural, titled "Agriculture and Industry at Rusk," completed in 1939.
  • UCSF Medical Center: Zakheim Murals - San Francisco CA
    A ten panel fresco depicting the "History of Medicine in California" was completed by Bernard Zakheim in 1936 with FAP funds. The mural is located in Toland Hall. Zakheim also painted another pair of murals in 1935 for Cole Hall: "Rational Medicine" and "Superstitious Medicine." These frescoes of ground earth pigment on incised plaster were relocated to Health Sciences West in 1967. The program behind these murals is unknown to the Living New Deal.