Arthur Rothstein’s New Deal-Era Photography Continues to Grace the Walls of Roosevelt House

There’s still time to visit the New Deal photo exhibition, The Great Depression: A Photographic Document.

Vernon Evans, migrant from South Dakota,
near Missoula, Montana. 1936. photo by Arthur Rothstein

In 1976, social documentary photographer Arthur Rothstein created a book proposal titled The Great Depression: A Photographic Document. The outline featured an introduction—President Roosevelt’s entire first inaugural address of March 4, 1933—followed by 15 topical sections headed by excerpts from popular poems and songs and ending with a 1964 interview that Rothstein had recorded with the Archives of American Art.

In this exhibit, we follow Rothstein’s recently rediscovered original book proposal, with minor modifications that bring to light some of his lesser known photo assignments and also illustrate important aspects of the New Deal. All photos are by Rothstein, unless otherwise identified.

This exhibition will remain on the walls at Roosevelt House, 47-49 East 65th Street in Manhattan, through December 17, 2021. *Contact the photographer’s daughter, Dr. Annie Segan [email protected] if you’d like an in-person guided tour (5 visitors per tour, max).

*Before visiting Roosevelt House, everyone MUST complete the Cleared4 Access Process, where they will be required to upload a photo of their vaccination card or a negative test result. The Cleared4 Access Process can be accessed here:

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