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Cory Canyon Road – Hawthorne NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

After constructing a road up to Mount Grant from Cottonwood Canyon, CCC Company 1915 faced “an even more difficult road building job [when] they connected the Cory Canyon Road at the Laphan Divide-Cottonwood roads. These roads were crucial. The town… read more

Cat Creek Dam and Reservoir – Hawthorne NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

“One of the biggest undertakings [CCC Company 1915] took on was the building of Cat Creek Dam. Knowing water is a viable commodity in the desert, these men saw the uncontrolled use and abuse from being overgrazed and where deep-rooted… read more

Mount Grant Road – Hawthorne NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

CCC Company 1915’s “first job was a daunting task. To build a road up Cottonwood Canyon to Mount Grant. These men worked under every condition, but still built a road up the steep mountain, which at the time, was one… read more

Naval Ammunition Depot (former) Development – Hawthorne NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

Now the Hawthorne Army Depot, what was then the Naval Ammunition Depot was developed and improved by multiple New Deal agencies during the Great Depression. noehill.com: “By 1930, Hawthorne’s population had grown to 757, with the Depot contributing 72 military… read more

Post Office – Tonopah NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

The historic post office building in Tonopah, Nevada was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds. The building, which was completed in 1941, is still in use today.

Post Office (former) – Ely NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

The historic post office building in Ely, Nevada, presently operated and known as the Postal Palace Convention Center, was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds during the Great Depression. The building was constructed between 1937 and 1938.

Los Angeles Highway Improvements – Jean NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

“The New Deal continued to build facilities that would eventually contribute to Las Vegas’s emergence as a resort city. … Access to Las Vegas was also improved when New Deal funding finished the paving and widening of the Los Angeles… read more

Postcard showing War Memorial Building, Las Vegas, Nevada, ca. 1937

War Memorial Building (demolished) – Las Vegas NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

 The federal Works Progress Administration helped to construct an old convention center at what is now the northwest corner of Stewart Ave. and N. Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas, Nevada. A National Register of Historic Places registration form states:… read more

Road Paving – Las Vegas NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

“Between 1934 and 1935, Civil Works Administration and Federal Emergency Relief Administration workers had repaved over fifty-eight blocks. Much of the work was in the suburbs, where the “dust menace” had long been a problem.”

Lyon County Courthouse Extension – Yerington NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

Lyon County Courthouse in Yerington, Nevada was constructed in 1912. During the mid-1930s the building received an addition enabled in part by federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. “In 1936, the existing west half of the building was added at… read more

Power Transfer Line – Pioche NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

The federal Public Works Administration provided a hefty loan and grant enabling the construction of a power line that would bring electricity from the then-newly completed Hoover Dam to the eastern Nevada town of Pioche. Nevadaculture.org: “[Then-Director of the Public… read more

Middle School – Virginia City NV

Date added: September 11, 2014

What is now the Virginia City Middle School was an educational facility constructed between April and September 1936 as part of a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) project. The building replaced the historic 1876 Fourth Ward School (now a museum)…. read more

Volunteer Fire Department building - Winnemucca NV

Volunteer Fire Department Building – Winnemucca NV

Date added: September 3, 2014

The Volunteer Fire Department building in Winnemucca, Nevada, was constructed with the aid of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds in 1938-39. The building, located on South Bridge St. in central Winnemucca, is still in use today. The structure contains… read more

Mineral County High School – Hawthorne NV

Date added: March 19, 2014

The PWA granted a loan of $55,000 for a new Mineral County high school building in 1934. In 1940 the Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a tennis court at the school at a cost of $1,902. The building is still… read more