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Mississippi River: Levee Improvements – Greenville MS

Date added: September 17, 2020

Mississippi utilized a number of federal work relief and infrastructure opportunities to repair, improve, and construct the levee system at various locations along the Mississippi River from Gunnison in Bolivar county south through Greenville in Washington county to Fitler in… read more

Howard No. 2 School Improvements – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 14, 2020

Howard No. 2 School, WP-50 was started Sept 25, 1935 and completed March 4, 1936. The project expended $2924.25 federal funds, $1100 sponsor funds. Workers included 20 laborers, 3 carpenters, 3 painters, 2 plasterers, a brickmason, timekeeper and superintendent. The… read more

Teacher’s Home – Hurricane MS

Date added: September 14, 2020

The superintendent’s house for the Hurricane School complex was constructed 1938 by the National Youth Administration as project W. P. 5206, Application 921. The stone veneer house used stone from the NYA quarry in Pontotoc County and shingles from the… read more

City Hall Repairs and New Jail Annex – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 9, 2020

The jail annex and repairs to the city hall including beautifying and landscaping of city streets in addition to the construction of a 35 x 35 one-story jail annex. W. P. No. 1046 was started 02/01/1936 and completed 07/04/1937 for… read more

Central Fire Station – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 9, 2020

Works Progress Administration (WPA) project No. 3544 started 10/05/1935 included 3 additional fire stations. WPA funding supplied $13,495.01 and the sponsor $9,513.78 for payroll, materials, and equipment. Hook & Ladder, adjacent to L & N Depot, on Main Street. The… read more

Lopez School Improvements – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 6, 2020

Lopez School, WP-52, was started Sept 25, 1935 and completed Dec 13, 1935. Federal funds included $1003 and sponsor contribution was $296 for repairs and renovations to the 1925 1.5 story building. The front lawn was graded and prepared for… read more

Street Improvements and Storm Drains – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 6, 2020

The city of Biloxi embarked on a city-wide street improvement program to surface streets and provide storm drains, funded by the Works Progress Administration between 1935 and 1937. WP-53, 2000 and 3483 for three street paving projects were completed. WP-53… read more

Water Storage Reservoir – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 6, 2020

As part of a major Works Progress Administration grant to the city of Biloxi in 1935-1936, a 500,000 gallon reservoir for storing water for drinking and fire fighting was completed at a cost of $20,127.31 for the City Water Works… read more

Oyster Planting Project – Biloxi MS

Date added: September 6, 2020

The oyster project was completed at an expenditure of $67,270.94 for bedding of 2,678 acres of oyster reefs with shells. The sponsor’s contribution was $4,683.18 and the Works Projects Administration funds $62,587.76. The project was approved 1935 to support the… read more

Chapel Hill Community Clubhouse – Utica MS

Date added: August 28, 2020

In 1933 a group of women organized the Sunshine Club in Chapel Hill, a community near Utica in Hinds county. They secured the donation of land for a clubhouse, helped clear the grounds area and cut trees for the logs… read more

Bruce High School entrance

High School – Bruce MS

Date added: August 26, 2020

Work Projects Administration approved funding for construction of a new school building in Bruce. The poured-in-place concrete building was designed by E. L. Malvaney in his monolithic concrete trademark, International design, and two stories. The school district pledged $22,072 toward… read more

School – Corinth MS

Date added: August 25, 2020

The Corinth High School was constructed 1938-1939 by Wessell Construction Company as Public Works Administration project W1250. Architects were Stevens and Johnston. The Art Moderne two story brick building was approved 6/22/1938 for a grant of $65,454 toward estimated cost… read more

Gymnasium – Cleveland MS

Date added: August 25, 2020

The gymnasium was constructed 1938-1939 as Public Works Administration project W1232. Architect E. L. Malvaney designed the gymnasium with a seating capacity of 1000, offices for athletic officials, dressing rooms, and a band hall on the second floor. It was… read more

Water Works Improvements – Meridian MS

Date added: August 25, 2020

Meridian voters approved a $200,000 bond issue for improving the water works in 1939. It was projected to begin July that year and provide employment for 300 men for a year. Improvements were proposed to include “new five-million-gallon reservoir on… read more