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Old Orchard Elementary School, Toledo, Ohio

Old Orchard Elementary School – Toledo OH

Date added: January 9, 2012

"This school is 1 unit of a P.W.A. docket which included 18 new school buildings and repairs to 35 others. Its site is large and provides ample playground space. The building accommodates 480 pupils. It has a central auditorium-gymnasium flanked… read more

Old Macomber High School

Macomber High School – Toledo OH

Date added: January 9, 2012

"This new vocational high school is part of an extensive school construction program in Toledo which involved 19 new school buildings and repair work on many others. It is a unit for boys in the upper 3 years of high… read more

Lakeview Terrace Apartments

Lakeview Terrace Apartments – Cleveland OH

Date added: January 9, 2012

“A slum area of 22 1/2 acres in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, was cleared for the construction of the low-rent development known as Lakeview Terrace Apartments. The site was purchased at a cost of $521,593, the equivalent of 69… read more

Delaware Ohio City Hall

City Hall – Delaware OH

Date added: January 9, 2012

“The new city hall at Delaware replaces a building which was built in 1873 and which was destroyed by fire in 1934. Following the fire, the city offices were housed in an abandoned school building, the fire department occupied rented… read more

Marietta, Ohio Municipal Building

Municipal Building – Marietta OH

Date added: January 9, 2012

The Public Works Administration funded the construction of the Municipal Building in Marietta OH, in 1935. “Before 1935 the municipal government was housed in an obsolete nonfireproof building with an auditorium seating 900 on the top floor, necessitating unsightly fire… read more