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Post Office Mural – Sebastopol CA

Date added: June 17, 2008

The historic post office in Sebastopol, California contains a New Deal mural: “Agriculture” (1937), 4′ x 15′ oil on canvas, painted by Malette Dean.

"Incidents in California History"

Main Post Office Mural – Berkeley CA

Date added: June 17, 2008

This tempera and oil on canvas mural “Incidents in California History” by Suzanne Scheuer was painted in 1936-37 with funding from the Treasury Relief Art Project. Located in the Berkeley Main Post Office. This mural depicts the earliest inhabitants of… read more

Petaluma City Improvements – Petaluma CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

From 1936 to 1938, the WPA graded 1,292 feet of city streets, painted 7 city shcool, and built two small storm sewers and one large storm sewer in Thompson Creek. Of the WPA, the mayor of Petaluma said in 1938,… read more

Thompson Creek Storm and Water-Drain System – Petaluma CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

This large storm sewer is an arch-shaped, reinforced concrete construction 14 feet in diameter, in the bed of Thompson Creek, and runs through residential and business districts in the southern part of Petaluma. It was constructed by the federal Works… read more

City Hall and Fire Station – Cloverdale CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

Construction of Cloverdale’s joint city hall and fire station began under California’s State Emergency Relief Administration; it was completed with federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor.

Sonoma Developmental Center – Eldridge CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

Originally known as Sonoma State Home, Eldridge, all the structures and streets of this place later became Sonoma State Hospital (now Sonoma Valley Hospital). Various WPA projects were undertaken here.

Park Side Elementary School

Park Side Elementary School – Sebastopol CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

The WPA terraced and landscaped the school grounds, and constructed playgrounds, fences, and bleachers. The statue of the globe shown below was also built in 1936 and may well have been a New Deal addition.

City Hall – Sebastopol CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

In 1935, the WPA demolished Sebastopol’s original wood-frame city hall and replaced it with a reinforced concrete building containing both municipal offices and a fire station. The Santa Rosa architectural firm, William F. Herbert and Clarence A. Caulkins designed the… read more

Hamilton Field – Novato CA

Date added: April 28, 2008

Hamilton Field was built in 1931 as a bomber base, was used as a refugee center during the Vietnam War, and was closed in 1974. The WPA built additions such as several hangars, the headquarters building, an officers mess, and… read more

Doyle Park Bridge – Santa Rosa CA

Date added: March 17, 2008

Santa Rosa’s Doyle Park Bridge was constructed as a WPA project during the 1930s.  The bridge is located at the north entrance to the park, Doyle Park Drive.